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You do not need to spend hours on end working on this material. In fact it is more effective to spend frequent short periods of time. For this reason, your lessons are available in both Desktop and mobile versions. Do you have a few minutes before your practice or class begins? Check out a lesson.


Each lesson starts with detailed notes covering concepts to be addressed and several examples of each process being covered. These notes are printable so that students can create their own book. Students are encouraged to use these pages to highlight topics for review as well as key concepts.


Sometimes the whole process can be overwhelming and you need to see things one step at a time. My videos provide step by step solutions to problems with  explanations for each step taken. Many students learn best when listening as well as seeing. This portion of the course provides both.


Each lesson ends with a multiple choice quiz of the material presented. This provides students with immediate feedback regarding their mastery of the concepts. Students must score 80% or higher before being able to access the next lesson. This insures that a strong foundation is being built.


Sometimes you just need to talk to somebody and ask a question. In that case, I offer webinars and Q&A sessions for an additional cost so that I can answer your questions “face to face".

Course Syllabus

Here's what's covered in this course (content is in both PDF and video format and each session ends with a quiz):

Algebra 1

Introduction to Algebra

  • Variables and Equations (variables, grouping symbols, equations)
  • Applications and Problem Solving (translating words into symbols, sentences into equations, problems into equations)
  • Numbers (lines, opposites and absolute values)

Working with Real Numbers

  • Addition and Subtraction (properties of addition, working with integers)
  • Multiplication (distributive property, rules for multiplication)
  • Division (reciprocals, dividing real numbers)

Solving Equations

  • One Step Equations, Two Step Equations, Variables on Both Sides


  • Addition and Subtraction (exponents, adding and subtracting polynomials)
  • Multiplication (multiplying monomials, powers of monomials, multiplying polynomials by polynomials, multiplying polynomials)
  • Problem Solving (transforming formulas, rate-time-distance problems, area problems)

Factoring Polynomials

  • Quotients and Factoring (factoring and integers, dividing monomials, monomial factors of polynomials)
  • Products and Factors (difference of two perfect squares, perfect square trinomials, product/sum method)
  • Factoring (factoring by grouping, using multiple methods, solving equations by factoring)


  • Simplifying Fractions, Multiplying and Dividing Fractions
  • Least Common Denominator, Adding and Subtracting Fractions, Polynomial Long Division
  • Percent problems, Mixture and Work Problems, Negative Exponents and Scientific Notation
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Introduction to Functions

  • Equations in Two Variables
  • Points, Lines and Graphs
  • Linear Equations, Slope, Slope-Intercept Form
  • Finding the Equation of a Line
  • Defining Functions by the Tables, Graphs and Equations
  • Linear and Quadratic Functions Direct and Inverse Variation

Systems of Linear Equations

  • Solving by Graphing
  • Solving by Substitution
  • Solving by Elimination
  • Applications


  • One variable
  • Combined Inequalities
  • Absolute Value
  • Graphing Linear Inequalities
  • Graphing Systems of Linear Inequalities

Rational and Irrational Numbers

  • Rational Numbers (properties of rational numbers, decimal forms, rational square roots)
  • Irrational Numbers (irrational square roots, square roots of variable expressions, pythagorean theorem)
  • Radical Expressions (multiplying, dividing and simplifying radicals, adding and subtracting radicals, multiplying binomials with radicals, simple radical equations)

Quadratic Functions

  • Quadratic Equations (equations with perfect squares, completing the square, the quadratic formula, discriminant graphs)
  • Solving Quadratic Equations (quadratic formula, factoring, completing the square and square root property)

Applying Fractions

  • Ratios and Proportions
  • Fractional Equations

Algebra 2

First Degree Equations and Inequalities

  • Solving Linear Equations and Inequalities, Linear Relations and Functions, Systems of Equations
  • Matrices

Polynomial and Radical Equations and Inequalities

  • Polynomials (monomials, polynomials, dividing, factoring, roots of real numbers, radical expressions, rational exponents, radical equations and inequalities, complex numbers)
  • Quadratic Functions and Inequalities (graphing quadratic functions, solving quadratic functions by graphing, factoring, completing the square, quadratic formula and discriminant, graphing and solving quadratic inequalities)
  • Polynomial Functions (graphing polynomial functions, solving equations by graphing, remainder and factor theorem, roots and zeros, rational zero theorem, operations on functions, inverse functions, square root functions)

Advanced Functions and Relations

  • Conic Sections (midpoint and distance formula, parabolas, circles, ellipses, hyperbolas, solving quadratic systems)
  • Rational Expressions and Equations (multiplying and dividing rational expressions, adding and subtracting rational expressions, graphing rational functions, direct, joint and inverse vacation, classes of functions, solving rational equations and inequalities)
  • Exponential and Logarithmic Relations (exponential functions, logarithms and logarithmic functions, properties of logarithms, common logarithms, base e and natural logs, exponential growth and decay)

Discrete Math

  • Series and Sequences (arithmetic sequences and series, geometric sequences and series, infinite geometric series recursive and special sequences, the binomial theorem)
  • Probability and Statistics (counting principle, permutations and combinations, probability, multiplying probabilities, adding probabilities, statistical measures, normal distribution, sampling and error)

How We're Different

I was a teacher for over 25 years. One of the hardest things for me as a classroom teacher was to realize that I had one or a few students that weren’t ready to move on to the next skill. Maybe they were missing a pre-requisite skill or maybe they just needed a bit more practice. But, as a classroom teacher, I had to move on. There was a whole list of topics to be presented that school year whether the students truly mastered them or not. We had to KEEP GOING!

With this program you can spend as much time reviewing a skill as you need. You teacher may keep going but you can use this tool to look back and practice until you master a skill.

Math is an upside down pyramid. You start with a few simple skills, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. Each year the number of skills grows and grows. Why does that matter? if you have a gap in your knowledge from a prior year, it impacts your success more and more as you move on. For example, the first skill that give students trouble is often fractions.

Building a strong foundation is invaluable in the mathematics. I believe it is those gaps in their foundations that causes so many students to think that they are “bad” at math or are “just not math people.” With the explosion of STEM careers, math literacy is a huge part of the future. By allowing students the ability to review topics as needed, this program provides a way to strengthen a student’s foundation and help them gain the confidence they need to become “math people.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Access to printable notes for each topic. Videos of problems being solved with step by step explanations. Quizzes to determine your mastery of each topic BEFORE you move on. If you need to review a previous lesson, you can always go back and access all of the material. You also have the option of attending a webinar (for an additional charge). These will be scheduled at least twice a week. Attendance is limited to 5 students and questions must be submitted 48 hours in advance.  For more information about our webinar options, click here.

Math takes time and consistent effort. There is no lasting quick fix. If you have concerns as to whether this program is for you, start with the monthly option. There is no minimum number of months to purchase. That being said, please plan on working consistently 4 to 5 times a week for at least 15 to 20 minutes. That is only an hour to an hour and a half each week. The results will be worthwhile and lasting.

I have developed comprehensive content for each of the courses. The number of lessons is different as the topics are different. Check the content listing for each course for a complete list of material covered.

I over 25 years of teaching there have been less than 10 students who genuinely put in the effort and did not see results in a reasonable period of time. If you find that you are not making progress as you had hoped, you may want to join a webinar to ask your specific questions or make sure you have the prerequisite skills necessary for the topics you are studying. If you truly feel this product is not right for you, please see my cancellation policy.

I am not able to meet in person. The joy of internet learning is that it allows teachers and students from anywhere in the world to work together. We may be 1000’s of miles apart but still be able to communicate. I do offer live webinars for members of my courses. Once you sign up for these (which will become available at checkout), you will receive an email of available times to choose from. If you'd like to see a sample schedule, please email us.

Still have questions? Contact us >>

Cancellation Policy

Anything worthwhile takes work. You may wish that I could sprinkle magic pixy dust or use my Harry Potter wand and make your math problems disappear but that isn’t how this works. I am not suggesting that you will need to spend hours and hours each day to learn the material in this course. In fact, I often hear from my students that my explanations are clear, concise and help them understand the concepts more quickly and more fully.

I wasn’t always a math person. I had to work at it. One day I was particularly frustrated and I went to see one of my college professors. He told me that math was his favorite subject because if he just worked at it hard enough for long enough he made saw results. Here he was teaching my class and admitting that he had to work at learning sometimes. I am a big believer in effort over outcome. If you put the effort in, you will achieve the outcome you desire.

I ask you to work consistently (completing lessons 4 times a week) for a period of at least 2 months. If at that point you do not see improvement (your grade in school has not improved) I will refund 75% of your purchase price.

Monthly memberships can be cancelled at any time. If you are concerned that this may not be a good fit for you, you might want to start with a monthly plan. I am confident that if you follow the program consistently, you WILL see improvement and your grades and confidence will increase more and more each day. 

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Instant 24/7 Access

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Videos with Step by Step Explanations

Quizzes to Determine Mastery at the End of Each Lesson

Access to Previously Completed Material for Review

Access to Purchase Webinar Sessions



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