5 Steps to a Successful School Year

education goals time management Aug 10, 2022
How to set achievable, measurable goals for a successful school year

The first day of school is here. Students, parents and teachers are excited and ready for a great year. Here are 5 actionable steps to make this year the most successful school year ever. 

Table of Contents

  1. Set your goals
  2. Plan
  3. Tasks
  4. Review
  5. Consistency and Persistency


1) Set your Goals: SMART Goals are: Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Time sensitive (they have a timeline).  


Set 3 actionable goals that would make this the most successful school year. Make sure they are things within your control.  Some examples are: 

  •   I will complete all my homework assignments.
  •   I will study for 2 hours 5 days per week. 
  •  A goal about how you will handle challenges is always good. I will see one of my teachers for extra help each week.


2) Plan: “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Antoine de Saint Exupery


You know what you want. You want to have the most successful year ever, preferably with the least amount of stress. Well, that takes planning, both long and short term. 

  •  Start with the long term. Print a school year calendar and mark all the vacation days. I love the FREE calendars on this site https://www.printabulls.com/calendars/2022-2023-academic-calendars/
  •   Now create a color code. I like green for days off, red for exams and       other test dates, yellow for regular school days. This will create a  visual of available time. 
  •  Break it down. Now print a weekly calendar. Block off times you are in school, at activities or otherwise committed. Use the time you have left to schedule time for homework, projects and fun. 


3) Tasks: “People who want to appear really clever rely on memory. People who want to get things done make lists.” Peter Mcwilliams 



4) Review: “If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan not the goal.” ourmindfullife.com. 


  •  Set aside time each week to review your goals and process. What worked? What didn’t work? How can you improve? The only thing that should remain exactly the same is your desire to have the most successful school year possible. 
  •  It can be helpful to do review your week with an accountability partner. This can be a family member, a friend or perhaps a teacher or counselor. Remember, your accountability partner should offer support not judgement. 
  •  We all do better with deadlines. Having someone to help you stay focused and moving toward your goals can be a game changer. 


5) Consistency and Persistency: “If you are consistent, you will achieve it. If you are persistent, you will keep it.” Anonymous 


  •  By creating an achievable plan and being persistent you have set yourself up for the most successful school year. Habits are easy, but self-discipline is hard. By creating a routine, you are building habits. This means you will be ready for  quizzes and tests. You won’t have those last minute, panicked cram sessions and best of all, it will become habit. 


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