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March 23, 2020

Grade 6 

23.14 + 1.02 = ?


Grade 7



Grade 8

Categorize the following Real numbers as : Natural, Whole, Integer, Rational and Irrational. Make sure to include every appropriate category.




Add:  pastedGraphic_2.png



Describe the side length and angle measurements for equilateral, isosceles and scalene triangles.





Algebra II

Find the vertex and direction of opening for the following parabola.      pastedGraphic_3.png



pastedGraphic_4.pngYou have a right triangle ABC with sides a and b and hypotenuse c. The length of side a is 6. The length of side b is 8. Find the length of side c and set up the 6 trig ratios (sin, cos, tan, csc, sec and cot) for angle A



Write the transformation of the graph of y = x2  shifted right 4 units, up 2 units and reflected over the x axis.




Grade 6:     24.16

Grade 7:     pastedGraphic_5.png

Grade 8:  -19 real, rational, integer

                 pastedGraphic_6.png real, rational

                  pastedGraphic_7.png real, irrational

                  1.43186…..   real, irrational

                  0 real, rational, integer, whole

                  pastedGraphic_8.png real, rational

                  pastedGraphic_9.png real, rational, integer, whole and natural


Algebra: pastedGraphic_10.png

Geometry:  equilateral  all sides the same length all angles 60 degrees

                    isosceles  two sides the same length base angles congruent and measure (180 - vertex angle)/2

                    scalene  no sides the same length. smallest angle across from shortest side, largest angle across from longest side

Algebra II: x coordinate of the vertex is -b/2a  so -18/-6 or 3

                   plug into equation to find y coordinate of the vertex = 21

                   vertex (3, 21) opens down because a<0 

Trigonometry: c = 10  pastedGraphic_11.png

Pre-calculus:  -(x-4)2 +2




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