Problem of the Day #8 April 2, 2020

Apr 02, 2020

Problem of the Day #8 April 2, 2020

Grade 6: A survey indicated that for every 3 students who use a laptop 5 students use an iPad. If there are 48 students overall, how many use and iPad??


Grade 7: There are 30% more boys than girls enrolled in virtual school right now. If there are  920 students total, how many girls are there?


Grade 8: The sum of 4 consecutive integers is 118. What is the smallest integer?


Algebra: It takes 45 minutes for 3 people to wash 5 cars. How long will it take 9 people to wash 12 cars? 


Geometry: A cylinder has a radius of 4 inches and a height of 6 inches. It is filled with water to a height of 5 inches. If we drop a cube with a volume of 50 cubic inches into the cylinder, will the water flow over the edge? 


Algebra 2: John and his family are thinking about discontinuing their cable TV service. Currently they pay $80 per month for basic cable and $10 for each premium channel. If they go with streaming instead they will pay $60 per month for internet and $15 for each additional service such as Netflix. They currently have 5 premium channels. If they want to have the same number of additional services which choice is less expensive?How many premium channels/additional services would make the bills equal?


Trigonometry: Drew places a flag on top of the Eiffel Tower which is 984ft tall. Dylan is standing 568ft from the base of the tower. What is the angle of elevation from where Dylan is standing to the flag? 


Pre-Calculus: The number of bacteria in a culture is modeled by 

N=200ekt  where t is the time in hours. If N = 600 when t is 4, what is the time for the population to double in size? 



Grade 6: 30 students use an iPad

Grade 7: 400 girls

Grade 8: 28

Algebra: 36 minutes

Geometry: Yes, 0.24 cubic inches of water will spill over the side

Algebra 2: for 5 additional services cable is less expensive. They would cost the same with 4 additional services

Trigonometry: angle of elevation 60 degrees

Pre-Calculus: doubling time is 2.5 hours

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