Problem of the Day March 24, 2020

Mar 24, 2020

March 24, 2020

Grade 6

Place the following decimals in order from least to greatest: 1.02, 1.002,  102.022, 1.2, 12.02,

Grade 7

Convert the following decimals into a simplified fraction and a percent.

.04, .45. 1.25


Grade 8

Simplify the following exponential expressions: 

(2x)3, (2x2)3, (2x2)(23x3)2



Simplify the following radicals:




Name the 4 triangle congruence theorems and draw and example of each.



Algebra II

Convert the following quadratic equation into vertex form: 

2x2 + 16x + 12



Give the values for sin and cos of the following angles: 




Find the vertical and horizontal asymptotes of the rational function without graphing: pastedGraphic_2.png


Grade 6: 1.002, 1.02, 1.2, 12.02, 122.022

Grade 7: pastedGraphic_3.png

Grade 8:  8x3, 8x6, 128x8

Algebra: pastedGraphic_4.png

Geometry: see this website

Algebra II:  2(x + 4)2 -20  vertex (-4, -20)

Trigonometry: pastedGraphic_5.png  sin pastedGraphic_6.png    cos pastedGraphic_7.png  ,    pastedGraphic_8.png     sin pastedGraphic_9.png     cos  pastedGraphic_9.png

                          pastedGraphic_10.png   sin  pastedGraphic_7.png  cos pastedGraphic_11.png  ,  pastedGraphic_12.png    sin  -1   cos  0

                         pastedGraphic_13.png    sin  pastedGraphic_14.png    cos  pastedGraphic_9.png

Precalculus: Vertical Asymptotes x = pastedGraphic_15.png   and x = 2

                       Horizontal Asymptote y = 2

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