Problem of the Day March 26, 2020

Mar 26, 2020

Problem of the Day March 26, 2020

Grade 6

Label the three triangles as right, obtuse or acute and equilateral, isoceles, or scalene. Find the missing side length in triangle ABC.  


Grade 7

Find the area and the circumference of the circles below: 




Grade 8

Plot the following points on the coordinate plane: ( 4 , 2 ) , ( -2 , 4 ) and 

 ( -6 , -4)



Write the equation of the line through the points ( - 2, 4 ) and ( 6, 8 ). 



Find the measure of the labeled angles. Name the Theorem you used to get your answer. (Alternate Interior Angles, Consecutive Angles, Corresponding Angles, Vertical Angles, Alternate Exterior Angles)




Algebra 2

Graph the following system of inequalities: 

-3x + y < 2  and 2x + y > 1



Use sin, cos and tan to find the labeled sides or angles. 






Graph the following sin function: 




Grade 6: Triangle ABC right scalene missing side pastedGraphic_1.png

                Triangle GHI acute equilateral

                 Triangle PQR scalene obtuse

Grade 7: area of circle A 36pi circumference 12pi

                area of circle  C 9pi  circumference 6pi


Grade 8: 

Algebra: y = 1/2x + 5

Geometry:  pastedGraphic_2.png consecutive angles

                    pastedGraphic_3.png47  corresponding angles

                    pastedGraphic_4.png133 alternate exterior angles or consecutive angles

                    pastedGraphic_5.png47  alternate exterior angles or vertical angles 

Algebra 2:      

Trigonometry: tan 30 = 4/x   6.928

                         tan 50 = 7/y  5.874








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