Problem of the Day March 27, 2020

Mar 27, 2020

March 27, 2020 Problem of the Day

Grade 6: Solve the following problems:

pastedGraphic.png                  pastedGraphic_1.png                pastedGraphic_2.png=                  pastedGraphic_3.png


Grace 7: Solve the following equations: 

2x - 3 = 15            pastedGraphic_4.png            pastedGraphic_5.png            4x + 9 = 57


Grade 8: Simplify the following expressions. Write your answers in exponential form.  

pastedGraphic_6.png                  pastedGraphic_7.png            pastedGraphic_8.png              pastedGraphic_9.png


Algebra: Solve the following radical equations: 

pastedGraphic_10.png=                pastedGraphic_11.png                    pastedGraphic_12.png









Geometry: pastedGraphic_13.png solve for the variables

 Algebra 2: Solve the following equations



Trigonometry:  `Solve the following equations

    pastedGraphic_15.png              pastedGraphic_16.png              pastedGraphic_17.png           pastedGraphic_18.png


Pre-Calculus: Verify the following trigonometric identities

pastedGraphic_19.png                                  pastedGraphic_20.png



Grade 6:  pastedGraphic_21.png     pastedGraphic_22.png       pastedGraphic_23.png       pastedGraphic_24.png


Grade 7:   9,   32,   150,   17


Grade 8:  pastedGraphic_25.png,    pastedGraphic_26.png,     pastedGraphic_27.png,     pastedGraphic_28.png


Algbebra: pastedGraphic_29.png,    pastedGraphic_30.png,    pastedGraphic_31.png


Geometry:  x = 8   y = 12   z = 25   m = 42   n = 113


Algebra 2: pastedGraphic_32.png


Trigonometry:  pastedGraphic_33.png     pastedGraphic_34.png    pastedGraphic_35.png


Precalculus: pastedGraphic_37.png                 pastedGraphic_38.png        

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