The Best Tool to Boost Your SAT Score: The Question and Answer Service

education sat preparation Aug 30, 2022
Boost Your SAT Score: QAS

What is QAS (Question and Answer Service)?

QAS stands for Question and Answer Service. On 3 dates each year, the SAT offers you the opportunity to see your test along with your answers. The service costs $18 and the results are available online in your CollegeBoard account. You can sign up for the QAS service when you register for the October, March or May SAT. 

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When is QAS available? 

The QAS service is available in October, March and May each year. I strongly recommend that students take the October SAT. This allows them the most time to use the information contained on the QAS report. Additionally, the March SAT often coincides with Spring Break and the May SAT is during AP testing. My best advice to my students preparing for the SAT is TAKE THE OCTOBER TEST AND GET THE QAS SERVICE. 


Why is QAS important? 

Unlike a test in school, the SAT covers more than one topic. The Writing and Language section covers Command of Evidence (main purpose, big picture questions), Context Vocabulary (choosing the best word for the context of the passage/sentence), Expression of Ideas (placing sentences in the correct order for the greatest impact) and Standard English conventions (grammar and punctuation rules) 

Questions on the math sections range from Pre-Algebra (linear equations an inequalities, graphs, systems of equations, quadratics, radical and rational expressions) to Statistics (center and spread, data collections, tables) and Trigonometry (right triangle geometry, angles, arcs and trig functions, circles). 


The Reading section assesses topics ranging from the overall purpose of the passage to specific details. Students will be asked to assess how a phrase of sentence works in a passage, describe the author’s tone or style and provide line citations to support their answers. These are all different skills and knowing which you need to work on will be the best tool to improve your SAT score.  


The questions are not grouped by topic, so students have to be able to recognize what is being asked and recall that information quickly. I have never had a student be able to recall questions that gave them trouble after taking the SAT.


Who should order the QAS service?

EVERYONE!!! The QAS service allows you to see EXACTLY what you missed so that you can review those specific topics. Time is a valuable commodity and being able to focus on you challenge areas is invaluable. 


What if I can’t take one of the QAS tests? 

SAT also provides a service called SAS (Student Answer Service). This service tells you the difficulty and type of questions you missed. You do not get a copy of the test and it takes as long as 8 weeks to get this information. The service costs $13.50. As you can see, for a mere $4.50 you get more information quicker.  The SAT is given 7 times each year. If you know that October is a difficult time for you because you participate in a fall sport or activity, take the SAT in May of your sophomore year and get the QAS service. 


The SAT is a standardized test which means if follows a VERY strict format. The best source of questions and answers is the test itself. This is why the best tool to boost your SAT score is the QAS service!

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