Implementing the Study Plan


So far in this series of posts we have talked about the why, the when and the where of studying. Now we are going to talk about the how; how to actually implement the plan. First of all, a plan is no good if you don’t use it. We have already talked about the fact that habits are easy and discipline is hard, so the first step it to be habitual. Find a time and a location that work for your student and encourage them to form good study habits!

Exactly how are you supposed to help your student build good habits. First, it is important to realize that nobody gets up in the morning and says, “Today I am going to have a crummy day.” If your student is not doing their best, there is a reason. Find it! Here are some common roadblocks.

They are having trouble understanding the material.

Nobody likes to do things that they aren’t good at. If your student is putting the time in, but isn’t seeing any results, they are going to be less willing to spend...

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