Location, Location, Location

Location, Location, Location

So far in this series, we have talked about why you need to review and how to fit that review into your schedule. This post talks about the setting for your study time. We all know that certain settings encourage certain behaviors. When you walk into an auditorium during a performance, you try to enter quietly and not interrupt the event. When you walk into a party, you greet the others there and join in the fun. You don’t play baseball at the dinner table. Okay, that last one was a little extreme, but I had three boys and yes, it can happen. The point is make an intentional decision about where you study. 


When you have a specific place that you use each time you study, your brain knows when you go there that you are ready to work. If you study sitting on your bed, your brain is confused. Are we getting ready to sleep or is this Shakespeare that I am reading important? There is a lot of material that you learn in school that requires...

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