About Positive Achievement

"If you are persistent you will achieve it. If you are consistent you will keep it."

Positive Achievement is founded on the belief that everyone gets up every day with the intention of doing their best. My program is designed to help you achieve just that. Lessons are presented in both visual and auditory formats because not everyone learns in the same way. Each step is shown and explained so that students gain confidence and proficiency.  There are quizzes at the end of each lesson to help you measure your mastery of each concept. I have developed this material over 35 years of teaching students both in a classroom and a small group tutoring  setting. I am a big believer that mistakes are opportunities to learn. My program is designed to give you the confidence to make mistakes because you know you have the tools to correct them. Math requires a strong foundation. For this reason, lessons that you have completed remain open for your review. Cumulative quizzes occur periodically. If you miss a question on a cumulative quiz you are referred to which lesson your should review. These are powerful tools for strengthening your foundation so that you can achieve success in this and future math courses.

Remember, If you are persistent you will achieve it. If you are consistent you will retain it.

About Your Instructor, Debbie Johnson

Debbie has over 25 years of science and math teaching experience. She has taught subjects ranging from middle school math through Calculus and Physical Science through AP Chemistry. Debbie founded her company, Positive Achievement, 10 years ago and is grateful for the opportunity to work with students from many different schools during that time. Fundamental to Debbie’s philosophy is that positive attitudes are imperative to success. She is focused on helping students gain confidence in their abilities while maximizing their results.